Imagine only having to try on ONE outfit before strutting out of your door

I'm ready to create the body I want and the confidence to SLAY
LivingLeanU is a community of bad ass women who are committed to taking control of their lives first through their health and fitness. 
They are collectively pushing themselves to the next level by first improving their habits, self worth, and confidence. 
They are all on their own journey, be it their first step, or their TRUE commitment after years of up and down, 
The women in each round of LLU show up and build each other throughout the process.

What do you get when you join?

12 group coaching calls - all the strategy and mindset work to make real, sustainable shifts
Your Custom Meal Matrix
 Access to the RagoFIT App
 Living Lean Training Program
LLU Course and Obstacle Vault
LLU Journal
 Bite-sized, actionable to-dos - let's remove the overwhelm

This process is NOT just jumping on a workout routine or adhering to a cut and dry diet plan - it’s a fully transformation process. LivingLeanU is your STEP 1 into this process. I guide you through 12 weeks in the program and give it to you in bite size pieces. I make it all in-house so that you get everything you need here (goodbye fad diet programs, personal trainers, etc).
I'm so overwhelmed with self-doubt and I just want to have confidence in myself
I literally have to try on every outfit in my wardrobe before finding something acceptable
I have no idea where to start or what to do to change my body 
I feel like WHO I AM doesn’t match the way I present myself to the world

I’m Lindsey Rago and trust me, I feel you. I was right where you are about 3 years ago - trapped in a vicious cycle of self-loathing, punishment by cardio, and seriously restricting my eating thinking that was the only way. I felt SO uncomfortable in my skin, and I was absolutely DONE with my body.
I delved into learning about macros, weight training, and HOW to get to my goals…. Then, 8 months later, I had my dream body and my confidence was through the roof.

 After seeing what can happen, I spent countless hours, days, months, and years working tirelessly to find the exact habits/steps needed to create that confidence and internal love we all desire. After seeing the other side within my own experience and with the girls I coach, I’ve come to see that this self-love and care is something we all NEED in order to lead a kick ass life. Teaching all of this to YOU and GETTING YOU MOVING is my biggest goal as your guide through LivingLeanU.

I’m so ready for my outside appearance to match my soul
Everything you need to know in order to change your body based on the goals YOU set - This includes your diet and your training (those are the easy parts)

The habits you will need to create in order to make this last for your ENTIRE life, not just over the course of your program - this means it will fit YOUR lifestyle like a glove

The mindset shifts that will need to occur so that you can create a strong internal love and confidence you’re craving

You will never leave for a trip unprepared, and don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself!
You will NEVER have to give up any food item. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make progress without restricting yourself, and it’s just as sweet as it sounds. My goal is for it to feel like you’re just eating… Not on a diet. Your lifestyle and your social life won’t need to be given up! They may need to be adjusted, but for all that you will gain from doing so, you’ll be more than happy to adjust. 
Oftentimes, we fear letting ourselves down. Because the truth is, I am never disappointed in my clients. I will recognize your potential, and you better believe I will work until you see it and harness it, however, there will NEVER be judgement, and there will NEVER be shame. There will only openness and understanding between you and I. 
There is NO commitment from you to me until we get on the phone and make SURE that this program is EXACTLY what you need. If that IS the case (which we all hope for, right?), we will determine what program duration will get you closest to your goals, our game plan to get you there, and the breakdown of your investment.

If you’re still doubtful, know this:

If you put 100% of your effort into your diet, training, and self development, and you do NOT see the results that you want to see, you will receive your ENTIRE investment back. I coach with love and I make every effort to provide you with an incredible experience of growth, both physically and mentally. If you feel I don’t provide you the proper tools and guidance to achieve your highest goals, then I have not done my job and you deserve your money back. 

I know this is probably the first time you’re ever even considered doing something like this. It feels weird to get on the phone with someone and talk about YOU, right? Don’t worry, I make this SO easy for you. OH and don’t worry about feeling pressured - I’m not about that life. I want you to work with because YOU want to work with me, not the other way around. Are you excited yet?